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The ticket/tickets need to be booked at least a day prior to the day of visit. Tickets can't be booked on the same day of visit.

Single Entry

Mon-Fri Rs. 1370
Sat-Sun Rs. 1550
Rs. 749Weekdays Offer

Rs. 999Weekends Offer

Couple Entry

Mon-Fri Rs. 2740
Sat-Sun Rs. 3100
Rs. 1199Weekdays Offer

Rs. 1499Weekends Offer

The package includes the following activities and games:

  • 2 Overs of Cricket each player or 10 Frames of Bowling each player.
  • 1 Movie (of choice) in the 11D Theatre each.
  • 1 Round of TL1 Racing each.
  • 1 Round of Mach Storm each.
  • 5 Shots of Goalie each.
  • Thrill Arcade - Batman racing, Terminator 100, Cricket Boxer & King of Hammer each.
  • 15% discounts on BAZINGA- Sports cafe.
  • Timing is 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.


Smaaash offers a lot more than your run-of-the-mill banquet hall and gaming center.

It presents an unmatched range of games that offer a superlative virtual-reality experience, and combines the best of sports, music, and dining into a highly immersive, interactive, innovative and involved entertainment experience.

Smaaash has not only redefined sports entertainment, but also raised the bar for customer engagement. This innovative entertainment and active engagement is what defines Smaaash.>

So Up Your Game and enjoy the entertainment filled experience that is Smaaash.

Note : You have to show your booking ID to get your tickets.

Venue Details

SMAAASH, RahulRaj Mall,
Dumas Road, Mahrana Pratap Marg, Athwalines, Surat,
Gujarat - 394007.

Image Gallery

Attractions Available at Smaaash

Smaaash Cricket

Experience the thrills of International Cricket with the first-of-its-kind 360o cricket simulator. With perfectly replicated bowling action of the game’s biggest legends, it is time for you to face the real deal!

Twilight Bowling

Enjoy an incomparable bowling experience with the UV lit bowling alley, and play in perennial twilight any time. Be prepared to fall in love with bowling all over again!

F1 Motion Simulator

Experience the pulsating action a Grand Prix with F1 Motion Simulator. Feel the heat and the bumps as we blur the lines between racing and reality. May G-force be with you.

Goalie Guacamole

Challenge our supersonic goalkeeper in a penalty shootout and show your striking skills. Don’t forget to wear your lucky football shoes, you’ll need them.


Be a Shooting Star with MachStorm, an air combat simulator. Shoot down the enemies from your cockpit as your fly across real cities. Enhanced by the dome screen, force-feedback joysticks and thundering bass-installed seats, the experience will take you to seventh heaven, maybe higher.

Hoopla Zone

Hoopla Zone is the perfect space where children (2 to 10 years) not only have a blast, but also develop social and cognitive skills. With over 30 different activities including mazes, tunnels and slides, good luck with getting them out of this soft-play paradise.

Mini Rider

Go on a ride of a lifetime with the Mini Rider 3 motion simulator. The inverted motion system and large screens offer a joy-ride like no other. Time to feel the wind in the hair.

11D Theater

Gift your senses the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime with the 11D Theatre at Smaaash. With surround sound, ‘action motion’ seats, fire and induced weather variables like rain, wind, fog, lightning & thunderstorm, and snow, you don’t just watch the movies, you become a part of them.

W.A.R Paintball

Experience the adrenaline of battlefield action with military replicas guns like MP5 sub-machine gun, M16 assault rifles and M17 sniper rifles. With scenarios like team elimination, capture the flag, conquest, protect the VIP and more, it is time for an assault, soldier!

Fly Motion

Fly through the clouds and cruise amid the stars with the one-of-its-kind 360 degree flight simulator called Fly Motion. With thousands of horsepower at your disposal, you won’t need a cape to fulfil your flying dreams. It is time for the takeoff, Captain.

Smart Arcade

Walk into our arcade and you’ll never want to leave! Enjoy games like Pac Man Air Hockey, Deal or No Deal, Simpson’s Soccer or more conventional games like Connect 4 and Fruit Ninja in the most unconventional ways!

Terms & Conditions

  1. All games are subjective age-wise.
  2. Customer do not have option for games apart from those listed.
  3. Voucher printout is mandatory.
  4. Voucher will expire on the date specified on the voucher.
  5. This ticket is valid for a single entry (unless specified otherwise) and is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-redeemable.
  6. Cannot be combined with other offers.
  7. Extra charge for the dress codes needed in the games (i.e socks).
  8. Vouchers can be redeemed only after due verification of the customer (including photo ID proof, if required).
  9. All local/national laws and rules - dress code, consumption of intoxicants etc - that apply to regular customers, apply to Fastticket voucher holders too.
  10. The merchant is solely responsible for the taxes levied/to be levied on the services/products responsible for providing the Sales Invoice to the Customer against the services rendered or product sold.
  11. All rights are reserved by Smaaash and Smaaash Management decision will be considered as final.

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  • 1. Tickets can't be booked on the same day of visit.
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