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FAQ’S (Frequently asked questions)
A. Yes, they are absolutely safe in all services provided by FTS, used either by online or call center.
A. If your transaction qualifies for a refund, an FTS card refund is handled the same way as a regular credit card. Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis; please contact customer service for more information. The time that it takes to see the funds available on the card will vary depending on who issues the refund.
A. Yes,Currenly we are offering Movie Ticket,Mobile Recharge,Private Bus Booking,Gsrtc Booking,Gujarat Gas Bill Payment with our using Fast ticket Member
A. Absolutely! We feature advance ticket sales on FTS. To search for a showtime in the future, just select a different date in the search box. The number of days in advance that you can buy tickets for a film varies by theater and by movie. Schedules are set by each individual theater, not by FTS, so please check back frequently if the movie you are looking for is not yet for sale in your area.
A. No. It is not possible to change the seat numbers of a ticket once booked.
A. It depends in the Theatre's policy. If they allow seat selectection, We'll Provide it for you.
A. Yes. Fast Ticket offers phone service. When Internet access isn
A. Yes, you can always reload your Fast Ticket card! Visit your nearest FTS Channel Partner, or fill up balance through e-Banking.
A. No, You cannot Cancel the tickets once booked.
A. No. FTS Card is life time warranty Card.
A. Yes. For security purposes, you must use the number imprinted on the card for your purchase and that same card must be presented at the theater. Without the Fast Ticket card, you will not retrieve your tickets at the theater.
A. Yes. It is necessary to carry the card used for booking when you pick up the tickets from the cinema. This is for your own safety to ensure that the person booking the ticket is the owner of the card.
A. FTS currently charges a convenience fee (Rs. 5 per ticket) for a booking.
A. Unfortunately, Fast Ticket does not offer group discounts on tickets. You may explore the theater company websites to see if they offer any group discounts, which would be redeemed at the box office.
A. Yes. In order to provide the best user experience, we use a lot of JavaScript. Hence, you will need to turn on JavaScript for correctly using Fast Ticket.
A. No, Fast Ticket Card has Life time Validity. FTS Member has to fill up balance and enjoy services.
A. We use cookies help us customize our site to our customers' requirements, and offer a more personalized service.
A. Movie tickets purchased on Fast Ticket can be picked up at the theater box office. Tickets can be picked up the day they are purchased; you do not have to wait until the day of show if you are purchasing tickets in advance. Please be sure to bring the same FTS card you used to purchase the tickets with you to the theater.
A. If you are booking through Call Center, an SMS is automatically sent to you with the transaction details. And While Booking Online, you get a Booking ID after successful booking of ticket. Alternately, you can call our help desk .
A. Please Click Here for Android Application and Install in your Android Smart Phone
A. Please Click Here for Android Application and Install in your Android Smart Phone
A. Please inform is via Call Center or Email imediatly and Create Complaint and wait for GSRTC reponse
A. To make transaction using call center of FTS, user has to verify themselves on IVR with secret code provided by FTS at the time of registration. It is completely secured and automated process. If user succeeds to pass that process, user will be allowed to use services provided by FTS. User can also take help of our FTS Call Center representative.
A. To recharge your BIGTV a/c SEND SMS:
BTVTOP_<Subscriber ID>_ send to 55454
The Customer ID(10 digit) is printed on the view card and Voucher No(16 digit) ready to recharge.
call recharge helpline nos. 022 30337474 or 1800 200 9002 (toll free). On being prompted to enter your 12 digit Subscriber ID and thereafter enter the 12 digit PIN
Help Line Number Of Big TV
Landline:022-3033 7474
toll-free no.:1800-200-9002 Note:Please Consider _ as blank space
A. To Recharge Dial *368 and Follow Voice Instruction.
For Assistance Dial *369 From Your Reliance Mobile Prepaid Phone
Dial 30336969 From Any Other Phone
A. To Recharge From Your Reliance Mobile Prepaid Phone, Dial *368*<Code># and Press Call Button.
For Assistance Dial *333* From Your Reliance Mobile Prepaid Phone
Dial 3033 3333 From Any Other Phone
A. To recharge your Sun Direct a/c SEND SMS:
RCG__ to 58585 from your Registered Mobile Number (RMN)
To register your mobile number, send
RMN__ to 58585 from your mobile phone.
Language code:
Gujarati: Code - 09, Hindi: Code - 02, English: Code - 01
The Smart Card No.(11 digit) is printed on the rear of smart card and PIN (16 digit) ready to recharge.
Help Line Number Of Sun Direct
Landline:079-3940 7575
toll-free no.:1800-200-7575
Note:Please Consider _ as blank space
A. To Recharge Dial 12526(Toll Free) From Your Tata Indicom Prepaid Mobile and Follow The Instruction.
In Case Of Consumer Complaints, Contact Customer Care No.12524 From Your Tata indicom.
A. To recharge your TATA Sky a/c SEND SMS:
RC_<16-digit recharge PIN> to 56633 from your Registered Mobile Number (RMN)
To register your mobile number, send
RMN_<your 10-digit subscriber ID> to 56633 from your mobile phone.
Help Line Number Of TATA Sky
toll-free no.:1860-425-6633
Note: Please Consider _ as blank space
A. To Recharge Your Account Dial 125535 From Your Virgin Mobile Prepaid and Follow The Instruction To Enter The 14-Digit PIN
SMS TP <PIN NUMBER> to 58576
You Can Check Your Balance By Dialing 125555
A. To Recharge Dial *140*<16 Digit Code># and Press ok.
For Balance Inquiry Dial *141#
A. To recharge your Airtel DIGITAL TV a/c SEND SMS:
SMS PAY_<Voucher No>_<Customer ID> to 54325
The Customer ID(10 digit) is printed on the view card and Voucher No(16 digit) ready to recharge.
Help Line Number Of Airtel Digital TV
Landline:020-4018 1400
toll-free no.:1800-102-8080 Note: Please Consider _ as blank space
A. For Instant Recharge Dial *101*<14 Digit Code># and Press Ok.
A. To Recharge Dial *223*<code># and Press Ok.
For Further Assistance Call 4444 (Toll Free).
A. Users can use the Recharge History feature to get a list of all previous coupons they bought on Fast Ticket
A. After Logging in to your account via the "My Account" link, you can edit your information and your new information will be saved.
A. After login, Click Movie. Select any of Currently Running Movies we will assist you for choosing Theater and show time.
A. At the time of purchasing an Fast Ticket Card Customer gets one welcome kit along with letter having a member id, password and secret code in a sealed cover.
A. Check whether "FTS Kit" is appearing to be sealed or not. And also ensure that the kit's top area is not tempered.
A. After purchasing your FTS card, you will immediately be able to purchase tickets on
A. At any time after registration, you can log on to site and enjoy booking.
A. Maximum of 10 tickets per transaction.
A. Since the ticket is already paid for, it is available for collection at the box office at any time before the show. You can even visit the cinema 1 minute prior to the show time and collect your ticket. However, we recommend collecting the ticket 10-15 minutes earlier in case of a queue at the box office.
A. For Online transactions, user gets Order Confirmation Window for each transaction. & for transactions made through Call Center, User will be notified by an SMS alert. So user can know credit/debit balance of their account.
A. No. It is not possible to replace tickets once they have been confirmed.
A. Please try refreshing the page once and clear your browser cache. Make sure Javascript and Cookie is enabled in your Web Browser. If you still face problems, please call us on help line number and we will look into it immediately.
A. If the confirmation screen displayed the text, "Purchase Confirmed," your order was successful and your FTS card was charged. If for any reason you did not see this screen or you didn't receive an SMS confirmation and would like to verify your order, please log into your account and check your order history or call us for immediate assistance. To see your order history, once you have logged into your account, click on the "Order History" tab. On this page you will be able to see last 10 transactions.
A. Tickets can only be delivered on basis of FTS Card and transaction ID. If you can't attend the show personally, you can hand over FTS Card and transaction ID to your friends/family.
A. You need to remember Secret Code to reset your password. On login page, you can find a link Forgot password. Follow this link, provide login id or member number with secret code and you can follow instructions and get new password or Call our helpline.
A. Fast Ticket is a secured site which uses an industry security standard called SSL (Secure socket Layer) to encrypt your information between your computer and our website and verify that any personal information is not redirected. Thousands of Internet based transactions are secured every day by this technology. Therefore, buying online from us is completely safe.
A. Please contact us via the customer service or can collect a new card from our head office.
A. Your account cannot be reused without your authorization, we will always ask for your password / Pin. So keep your account and password safe.
A. For all large quantity orders, please contact us via the customer service at 0261-6798000 for immediate assistance or visit our channel partner located near you.
A. Yes, to avail this service you need to be member of Fast Ticket
A. No, this is neither credit nor a debit card. It is a multi-purpose prepaid card for Fast Ticket Services.
A. Though this is not supposed to happen! But if it does, please inform us immediately via email or Call Center. We shall try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
A. Buying your movie tickets on Fast Ticket offers many conveniences -- you are able to purchase advance tickets to new movies, no need to print your tickets, avoid waiting on box office lines. By purchasing tickets on Fast Ticket you know you will get into the show.
  • 24x7 - kind of ATR (Any Time Recharge)
  • Multiple service providers,any denomination & any telecoms circle recharge possible
  • Trendy way of getting recharge
A. No Extra Charge is applicable for Mobile Recharging, DTH Recharge provided by FTS. Charges in Rail Ticket Booking will be taken from user as per IRCTC Agent Norms. For movie booking, nominal Rs.5 is charged per ticket
  • Customer should be registered with Fast Ticket,
  • Customer should be a mobile user/DTH user
  • Customer has valid mobile/DTH service provider from list of service providers & circles enabled for the service
A. We are sorry for this unlikely inconvenience. If your booking process fails during a payment process, we will notify you if any erroneous charges have been incurred. And reverse any amount charged within 3 weeks.
A. You will get your Recharge Code, Serial Code and Expiry Date.
A. If you have purchased tickets that need to be picked up at the theater, you must bring the FTS card used and transaction ID to purchase the tickets to the theater with you.
A. Please inform us via Call Center or Email We shall try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Be assured that you will not lose any money.
A. TIP: Try with Firefox. It works 100% and we just love it! We request you to send us a screen shot of the problem via Email We shall try to fix the problem as soon as possible. We love fixing bugs for Fast Ticket.
A. The same is possible when the mobile number entered is either incorrect or invalid.
A. A Viewing Card is a credit card sized Smart Card, which contains information about the channels that the customer has subscribed to. It can be found by pressing the home button on the remote control.
A. The e-Top Up system allows customers to purchase prepaid recharge without the need of a pin or a scratch card. Main Objective: : To offer a new virtual alternative way of providing prepaid recharge distribution as a complementary mechanism for traditional pin cards or Point of Sale based e-top up method.
A. Fast Ticket Services is a prepaid online Booking and recharging solution provider which is also having a 24x7 working efficient and secured call center by which all the transactions of Fast ticket can also be done. Fast Ticket Services is authorized IRCTC for E-Booking Agent.
A. FTS Card is a multi-purpose card. That can be used for online and call center payment transactions provided by Fast Ticket.
A. FTS Card is having a 16 digit no. on a front side of the card. Among which last 8 digits are member id of a user.
A. Password is an 8 digit character sequence which is given by FTS at the time of purchase. it is the initial password allocated by company which can be changed by user later on.
A. At the time of registration, members have to register a contact number with member card (member number) this is called as registered phone no. Minimum one primary number is mandatory on which FTS transaction details can be sent via SMS. On first login, members can register up to 3 (three) contact numbers.
A. Secret code is a 4 digit numeric code given by FTS which can be changed by user later on. It is the most important code for user in the case of making transaction using call center.
A. FTS card will be charged for Ticket Fare and convince charge. We are planning to add new payment options in the near future.
A. Fast Ticket is optimized to be viewed at 1024x768 resolution or higher.
A. The ticket price is set by the theater chain. As a result, prices will vary for each theater. Once the theater and showtime for the movie you wish to purchase tickets for is determined, the prices and ticket types for that showtime will appear on the first transaction page. As with the ticket price, the theater determines their service fee. These fees are also displayed on the transaction page next to the ticket price.
A. To complete a purchase or use Fast Ticket, search functionality, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. JavaScript is used in several instances, such as when you open a trailer window, error checking,Cookies are used to manage the Fast Ticket login system.
    A request will be invalid on account of following reasons:
  • Non Member ID
  • Post-paid mobile number
  • Mobile number which does not pertain to the specified Mobile Operator.i>
A. The advance booking facility is directly controlled by the cinema. Whenever the cinema opens the show for advance booking, the show is automatically made available on FTS.
A. We currently support Firefox/Mozilla, IE (7 or later) and are adding support for other browsers as well.
A. Currently this service is unavailable. You can contact your nearest Channel Partner to recharge FTS Card, we also provide Net Banking to recharge FTS Card.
A. In case of any tariff related problems, please contact your respective service provider on their customer care number.
A. We have optimized the website to offer the best user experience, please check your connection with your Internet Service Provider.
A. The nominal fee set by each theater covers the convenience and costs associated with purchasing your tickets on FTS. You may enjoy such conveniences as bypassing the box office lines, buying advance tickets to hot movies, and being assured that you will not be turned away from a sold out show. Also you have free access to showtime, movie and theater information for almost every theater.
A. Once you are member of Fast Ticket, you will be able to recharge your prepaid account on-line and From Our Call Center.
A. No. For tickets, You can visit the cinema at any time before the show and collect your tickets from the box office. Please note that you will be required to show the FTS card and transaction id used for booking at the box office.
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